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Junior coaching programmes are a big focus of ours at the Guernsey Tennis Club. Coaching is available for children aged 4 – 18 years in progressive stages in conjunction with the Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA) junior development pathway.


The LTA Junior Development Path, helps junior players to progress by age and ability through stages coded by colour which represent progressively larger courts and racquets and faster/higher bouncing balls.


Our junior coaching philosophy is based around strengthening the association between healthy physical activity and FUN!  Our fully certified coaching team are committed to ensuring that every player in their programme leaves with the tools they need to enjoy the game of tennis at any level for the rest of their lives.  Our coaches also ensure they play their part in being a positive role model for the children and help to shape each player into a successful, respectful and diligent young person, on and off the court.

Our programmes are structured and scheduled to accommodate players with all degrees of tennis skills and ambitions from the recreational player to the high-performance tournament player, so we are sure to have the right programme and schedule to suit every player’s needs.

If you would like to discuss our coaching philosophy or details of the various classes we offer, please do not hesitate to contact Club Coach Andy Privett or Jo Robinson at the club on 712182.


Doubles Instructional Clinics

During a 1.5 hours Doubles Instructional Clinic you will learn a new skill or doubles tactic and then have the chance to implement it in a live game situation.  In this clinic, 45 minutes is spent learning and practicing the theme of the week followed by 45 minutes of game-play with live instruction from the coaches.  Scores from the game-play segment are recorded weekly and leader boards are kept to track your success.

Club Night

Club Night is a chance to meet and play with other club members in a more relaxed and social setting.  Sixteen (16) places are available each week and sign up is required weekly.  Coaches assign players to courts and set up fun competitive doubles games throughout the evening that ensure players partner with and play against as many others as possible.  Tips and hints from the coach will be given as you play to help with technique, positioning and tactics.

Ladies Morning

Ladies morning, like club night, is a more relaxed atmosphere to enjoy games with and against as many other players as possible.  The coach will set up game situations and scenarios from which to play from and scores are often kept to add a little competition to it.  Most weeks, the ladies all stay for refreshments and cake in the bar afterwards to socialise and enjoy the club’s facilities.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is the latest tennis-fitness revolution to hit the market worldwide and we are proud to offer it at the Guernsey Tennis Club.  Cardio Tennis is a fun group activity on a tennis court featuring drills and games to give players of all abilities and exhilarating, high-energy workout to music.

Benefits of Cardio Tennis:

  • You consistently elevate your heart rate into your aerobic training zone
  • It is much more fun than working out on a machine
  • You get short cycles of high-intensity workouts and periods of rest, almost like interval training, which burns more calories
  • It is a fun group activity where players of all abilities can enjoy tennis together
  • Even though you are playing tennis the focus is primarily on getting a great workout
  • You naturally improve your game because you hit so many balls and repeat various shots
  • You burn between 600-800 calories per session

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