Club Rules

The Guernsey Tennis Club (G.T.C) is owned and managed by Guernsey Tennis Centre Limited (G.T.C Ltd. Or ‘the management’).

G.T.C. Ltd. Reserves the right to amend or change the rules at its sole discretion.

All decisions of G.T.C. Ltd. will be final and binding on members of G.T.C. their guests and any other visitors.

Neither G.T.C. or G.T.C. Ltd. Accept any responsibility whatsoever for any accident, injury or loss suffered by anyone visiting or using any of the facilities provided at the G.T.C. Application and acceptance of membership constitutes express acknowledgement of these terms.


a) Family memberships are restricted to individuals, their spouses and children up to the age of 17.

b) Junior memberships are restricted to individuals between the ages of 13 and 17 on October 1st.

c) Young Adult memberships are restricted to individuals between the ages of 18 and 23.

d) Tourist memberships are restricted to bona fide visitors to the island.

e) Parent Memberships are restricted to a parent playing tennis with a GTC junior member.


Membership is taken out for a minimum of twelve months commencing from your first payment and is payable on the first Monday in the month by direct debit.  You can also pay by cheque or credit card if you wish to pay for the year in full.

Membership fees cover the use of the Clubs’ facilities including sauna and steam room.


No court fees apply to bona fide members.  However, Outdoor members are subject to a £10 supplement fee payable to the Club Reception if they play indoors. Indoor court lighting will be provided at the discretion of the management.


Individual and family members may request to block-book a court for a 13-week period.  Requests for such a booking must be made directly to the management and must be confirmed by the management before commencing.  The management will endeavour to accommodate all block-booking requests but the decision on court allocation is at their sole discretion.

Court availability can be checked on the booking app prior to making a booking. The app can be viewed here.

All other court bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance by phone, or in person.

Cancellation of any booking must be given with at least 24 hours’ notice otherwise a cancellation fee of £10.00 (per booking) will apply.

Unless block-booked, courts from 9.00a.m. until 5.00pm can be booked from 9.00a.m. onwards 7 days ahead by app, by phone, or in person.


The Club has a relaxed atmosphere and casual dress is encouraged. However, on court, members are requested to wear bona fide tennis clothes and shoes. Cut-off shorts, tank tops etc will be discouraged and shoes with contoured, studded or marking soles are positively prohibited. All members, guests and visitors to the Club are expected to respect the normal rules of decorum and not behave in an anti-social or disruptive manner. The G.T.C. Ltd and the management of G.T.C. reserve the right to ask any person to leave the Club immediately if the person in question is spoiling the enjoyment of the Club for other members or is unfit, for whatever reason the management in its sole discretion decides, to remain on the premises. There is no obligation on the part of the management to disclose their reasons for their decision.


Use of the Health Suite and towels is limited to members and their guests only. Junior members may not use the Health Suite.


Water is the only drink permitted in the court area, other drinks may be consumed in the bar / café only.


Members are encouraged to bring guests to the Club, however, individuals are only allowed a maximum of four visits per year. Guests must be signed in at the Club’s reception and a £12 guest fee for indoor play and a £6 fee for outdoor play is applicable.  Guest fees must be paid prior to play commencing.


Coaching is readily available at the Club in both individual and group form.


A strict no smoking policy exists throughout all areas of the Club.


The Health facilities and courts, changing areas etc. at the Club are unsupervised. Members and their guests are advised that they use these facilities entirely at their own risk and whilst every effort has been made to ensure the safety of individuals, the management can accept no responsibility for accident or injury.


No dog (other than a Guide Dog for the blind) or other animal shall be admitted to the Club.


No member or guest shall attempt to induce any employee of G.T.C. Ltd to leave their employment or act in any way contrary to the interests of G.T.C. Ltd.

These rules have been put in place for the benefit of all. The management and staff actively seek to uphold the principles of the Guernsey Tennis Club and are committed to upholding these rules to ensure professional conduct and fairness at all times.